Open House for Osoyoos Gyro Park!

Open House for Osoyoos Gyro Park!

Holding an open house is always a great way to get public input on a design. It’s an important step in the design process as it allows residents and visitors to gain more information about what projects are planned for a city and provide feedback.

The team at Outland Design has been working hard the last few days to prepare all the materials for the Gyro Park open house. From printing design concepts to mounting presentation panels, we’re looking forward to bringing our plans for Gyro Park and two additional waterfront projects to the public.

The design for the park itself includes an outdoor market area and promenade, a concession area, beach volleyball courts, a multi-level timber deck, seating and lawn areas, and drought tolerant plant species.

The additional waterfront projects include improvements to the Marina Parking Lot and Sheardown Slope. Several concept designs have been prepared for the Marina Parking Lot and include improvements such as ornamental shrub planting around the existing sailing clubhouse and entry areas, hydro seeding along the steep slope on site, and terraced retaining walls. Drought tolerant shrub planting that tie into the surrounding properties is planned for the Sheardown Slope to prevent erosion along the waterfront.

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